Introduction to legal risk management


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An independent legal audit of a business involves verifying the legal aspects of all or part of the business or company

What business problems does it solve?

Legal audit of a company or business allows:

1. learn about their real legal status

2. check some legal aspects of their activities:

  • corporate rights and corporate governance
  • licensing
  • land
  • real estate
  • intellectual property
  • labor relations
  • environmental safety, etc.

3. determine the level of legal protection, etc.

What decisions do you get?

You receive objective information about the actual state and legal risks of your company or business and recommendations for reducing them

What is the result of cooperation with LAW & BUSINESS for you?

1. Timely minimize financial and non-financial losses of your business caused by legal reasons

2. Increase the level of its controllability and security

3. Build your business as a stable, transparent, structured and integrated brand

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