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Our focus

Attorneys Company LAW&BUSINESS specializes in legal supervisor of business restructuring and optimization, pleasing M&A, legal Due Diligence

Our practices

Legal Management Consulting

allows to achieve a consistency in business management, optimize and structure it, increase its efficiency, transparency and controllability

Legal Due Diligence

helps to identify and assess in advance the “bottlenecks”, threats and legal risks of business, reduce its financial and non-financial losses


One step ahead

Why you need our services


Reduce the cost of the company management process and / or reduce the purchase price of a new asset

by obtaining reliable information about the legal state of the business, minimizing its legal risks


You get more confidence in the sustainability and profitability of your business

by making legally sound and risk-oriented decisions in an uncertain business environment


You increase the market value and investment attractiveness of your business

through the introduction of legal risk management, optimization of the structure and business processes, improvement of corporate governance

Our publications

We write about what is good for business