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Legal support
agreements M&A

Legal support for the purchase and sale of corporate rights, business or individual assets
  • Selection from existing or development of a new optimal scheme of purchase or sale of assets, corporate rights, based on the business objectives of the M&A project
  • Development, support and control of legal, corporate, organizational measures of the M&A project, preparation of all necessary legal documents
  • Comprehensive legal review of the business being bought or sold and M&A agreements
  • Legal support of the project after the closing of the agreement

Optimization of corporate governance

Implementation of a clear and transparent corporate business structure that meets the needs of its owners and is based on business strategy
  • Corporate audit – legal verification of the company’s compliance with corporate law, providing recommendations for improving the level of corporate governance
  • Development of the scheme and structure of corporate governance within one company and / or business as a whole, based on their business strategy
  • Support and control of the implementation of the new corporate governance scheme
  • Development of the necessary set of corporate documents (internal regulations, documents of the general meeting and the supervisory board, corporate agreement, agreement between shareholders, etc.) or preparation of changes to existing documents
  • Development of regulations on disclosure and provision of information, systematization of work with confidential information and trade secrets
  • Legal support after the introduction of a new corporate governance scheme

Optimization of contract work in the company

Introduction of an effective system of contractual work in the company, verification of existing agreements, their standardization, implementation of confidentiality provisions, etc.
  • Analysis of contractual work in the company.
  • Legal audit of existing commercial agreements
  • Development of the optimal scheme of contractual work
  • Support and control of implementation of the new scheme of contractual work
  • Development of the necessary set of legal documents (internal regulations, agreements, orders, security agreements, structure of complex and mixed commercial agreements, etc.) or preparation of changes to existing documents
  • Development of recommendations and development of documents on the interpretation and application of individual agreements in specific situations in terms of doctrine and case law

Legal support of business activity of the company

Legal assistance and legal support of current business activities on the terms of customer service according to the selected tariff package


A systematic approach increases the company's price by 20%

Opinion of business experts.

Due Diligence

Legal audit of business

Comprehensive legal inspection of business (including corporate rights, assets, contracts, intellectual property, labor relations, disputes, regulatory issues, etc.), providing recommendations to minimize the identified risks, monitoring the implementation of measures to remove them

Legal audit of real estate

Legal Due Diligence of rights to real estate, land, unfinished construction, identification of risks and providing recommendations for their minimization

Legal audit

Legal analysis and assessment of the scheme, conditions and risks of the M&A agreement and documents related to its conclusion, providing recommendations for their optimization

Legal audit of business situations

Providing legal opinion "from the outside" about the state and prospects of a particular situation, dispute or conflict, recommendations for their resolution

Legal audit of contracts

Legal review of agreements, contracts or agreements, providing recommendations for reducing legal risks

Legal audit

Legal opinion on the reputation, legal status, integrity and financial soundness of the counterparty


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Legal Due Diligence is a detailed study of the legal conditions of a company, a group of companies or an individual asset in order to identify and to assess legal risks, to provide recommendations how to reduce them

As a rule, an investor, business owner or company management needs Legal Due Diligence in the following cases:

  • Investment planning
  • Acquisition and sale of business
  • Control and increasing of business results
  • Restructuring and reorganization of business
  • Mergers and acquisitions of companies
  • Acquisition of real estate
  • Making a major deal

Legal Due Diligence will allow:

  • not to overpay for the acquisition of a new business or asset
  • to have reliable legal information about the business, its significant risks, the actions of top management
  • to exercise “due circumspection” while making the major deals and establishing relationships with strategic business partners
  • to increase the efficiency of the business, its market value and commercial attractiveness by introducing legal risk management, optimizing business processes, regulating the structure, improving corporate management
  • to prepare the business for sale

As a result of Legal Due Diligence, you will receive:

  • the reliable and comprehensive information on the compliance of the legal conditionsof a business and / or an individual asset with the norms of Ukrainian legislation
  • a map of existing and potential legal risks identified during the Legal Due Diligence.

Program for managing the identified legal risks, which includes the measures forreducing them, is not included in the result of Legal Due Diligence, but it can be developed additionally

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