Legal audit of contracts

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Legal audit of contracts

Conducting a legal audit of the agreement is due to the need to make sure that its terms comply with the law and the validity of the transaction. In addition, an audit is needed to protect the interests of the parties. Independent experts will help to check the profitability of the clauses of the contract for the customer - a business entity, the absence of loopholes that can cause disputes and litigation.

The law firm LAW & BUSINESS conducts an examination of contractual documents before concluding a deal with a counterparty, as well as an audit of existing contracts. We work with commercial organizations and individual entrepreneurs.

When and why audit and analysis of contracts is necessary

Legislative norms in Ukraine change quite often, and business owners who do not understand the intricacies of jurisprudence and are focused on their core activities usually do not have the ability to track changes. Moreover, agreements are often drawn up according to templates, and important points are overlooked.

An agreement in which the rights and obligations of the parties, settlements, liability, and other conditions are spelled out without taking into account the specifics of the transaction, in violation of the requirements of laws, in which the necessary information is missing, carries risks:

  • non-fulfillment of contractual obligations by the counterparty;
  • recognition of the contract as invalid;
  • delays in fulfilling obligations, incurring losses;
  • tax sanctions;
  • holding company officials accountable for violation of the law;
  • payments of fines and penalties to counterparties;
  • litigation.

It is definitely worth ordering a legal audit of contracts for entrepreneurs, legal entities that do not have a full-time lawyer. Qualified legal assistance is required when concluding a deal for a large amount, in cooperation with a new counterparty.

We provide an independent examination of contracts:

  • Purchase and sale
  • Supplies
  • Contract
  • Loan
  • Rent
  • Leasing
  • Transportation
  • Storage
  • Foreign economic activity contracts

What does the legal audit of contracts include?

An independent examination makes it possible to determine:

  • ambiguous or imprecise wording;
  • legal errors, incorrect data;
  • inconsistency of points among themselves;
  • conditions that worsen the position of the client - the parties to the transaction;
  • absence of all essential conditions;
  • impossibility of fulfilling the terms of the transaction;
  • the presence of extra items.

After the examination, the lawyers of LAW & BUSINESS draw up a list of legal risks and weaknesses, give detailed comments on them, or amend the document and agree on them with you. At your request, we will develop a new draft agreement, annexes to it.

Stages of a legal audit of a contract

  1. We conduct a preliminary consultation, discuss the details.
  2. We agree on the cost and terms of legal audit, payment procedure.
  3. We sign an agreement on the provision of legal assistance.
  4. We analyze documents.
  5. Based on the results of the legal audit, we provide a detailed report with a description of the legal risks and weaknesses of the contract, recommendations for their elimination and / or a ready-made version of the contract.

Our advantages

At the law firm LAW & BUSINESS, legal audit is carried out by specialists with more than 15 years of experience in various areas of business. Our lawyers take into account all the nuances of legislation and court practice, the direction of the company and guarantee reliable protection of your interests.

To clarify the details of the legal audit of the agreement, contact us by phone, which is indicated on the website, or leave a request for a call back.

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