Legal audit of corporate governance

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Legal audit of corporate governance

An effective corporate governance system provides a commercial organization with a stable position in the market, growth of profits and business value, protection of the interests of owners and attraction of investments. The strengths and weaknesses of a company may not be obvious to the owner. An expert analysis will help to give an objective assessment of the real state of affairs and draw up a plan to optimize the work of the company's management bodies, consolidate and implement control by the owner, etc.

The specialists of the law firm LAW & BUSINESS carry out an independent assessment of the corporate governance system one-time and on an ongoing basis. We work throughout Ukraine, online and offline consultations are possible within the capital and the suburbs, the departure of specialists to the client in other cities is possible by agreement.

Why and in what cases a corporate audit is needed

Key audit objectives include:

  • identification of the strengths and weaknesses of the current corporate governance system in terms of compliance with the company's strategy;
  • identification of tasks that need to be solved in order to achieve strategic goals;
  • development of a scheme and structure of corporate governance within both one company and a group of companies, based on their strategy;
  • establishing interaction between the management bodies of the company;
  • improvement of control procedures;
  • avoidance of corporate conflicts;
  • prevention of risks when concluding transactions with investors, selling shares / stakes in the authorized capital of a limited liability company, etc.
  • amendments to existing and / or development of new corporate documents (internal regulations, documents of the general meeting and the supervisory board, corporate agreements, agreements between shareholders and others), provisions for disclosure and provision of information about the company;
  • organization of a system for working with confidential information.

An independent examination is advisable if the company (joint stock company, limited liability company, legal entity of a different organizational and legal form) is owned by two or more owners and has a rather complex corporate governance system. An expert assessment is carried out when there is a need to increase the company's market value and general management efficiency, as well as when preparing a business for sale (or when buying a company), to attract investments.

What is included in a legal audit of corporate governance of a company

Corporate governance expertise includes:

  • analysis of information on the current state of corporate governance based on the questionnaire completed by the client;
  • interviews with stakeholders;
  • study of the company's internal documents governing all parts of the system;
  • development of recommendations for the step-by-step improvement of corporate governance practices in accordance with the business development strategy;
  • amendments to existing and / or development of new documents in the field of corporate law and management, regulations for working with confidential information.

As part of the audit procedure, experts are subject to detailed study:

  • work and powers of management and control bodies;
  • capital structure and rights of shareholders / participants;
  • disclosure by the company of information about its activities, ensuring its reliability;
  • internal regulations of the company.

LAW & BUSINESS specialists will help to develop a new effective management structure, take over the maintenance and control over its implementation, and develop internal corporate documents. We can also order legal support for the company after the implementation of the new scheme.

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