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Optimization of corporate governance. Legal support

Corporate governance is one of the important factors affecting the economic efficiency and investment attractiveness of a business. Since changes are constantly taking place in the legislation of Ukraine, there is a need to verify compliance with the requirements of regulatory legal acts, the legality of decisions made.

LAW&BUSINESS Law Firm provides qualified legal assistance in optimizing the corporate governance system in a company or holding, including when concluding complex transactions, bringing activities in line with the law.

Why is it necessary to optimize the management structure

The risks associated with the violation of corporate standards entail negative consequences for the owners and officials of the company. They also affect the reputation and performance of the business as a whole. In addition, cases of deceit and fraud are not uncommon, both within the organization and on the part of partners and competitors. Accordingly, it is almost impossible to stay afloat in the field of corporate relations without the help of a lawyer.

Since standard solutions and template schemes are not applicable in corporate governance, the development of its structure requires a systematic legal approach, an understanding of all aspects of the company's activities.

What is included in the legal aspect of corporate governance optimization

Our services in the field of improving the management system from the point of view of the law in the enterprise include:

  • consultations on issues of corporate law and management, legal interaction with partners and government agencies;
  • legal audit of corporate governance and corporate compliance (verification of compliance with corporate laws, legal analysis of the powers of management and control bodies, study of the capital structure and rights of shareholders/participants, legal examination of internal documents);
  • development of a legal management structure within one or a group of companies, based on the business strategy;
  • legal support and control of the implementation of the new structure;
  • making changes to existing documents or developing from scratch internal regulations, an agreement between shareholders, a corporate agreement and other documents;
  • legal support for corporate events (acquisition of shares from shareholders, holding general meetings, meetings of the board of directors, etc.);
  • development of regulations for working with confidential information and trade secrets, disclosure by the company of information about its activities;
  • legal support after the introduction of innovations at the enterprise.

When developing solutions by LAW&BUSINESS specialists, the strategic goals of the company, the current stage of its development, the interests and expectations of stakeholders are taken into account.

Here you can order legal consulting on certain issues, legal corporate audit, as well as a range of services with subsequent legal support for the business. For a detailed discussion of your task, please contact us by phone, which is listed on the site, or leave a request for a call back.

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