Optimization of contractual work in the company

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Optimization of contractual work in the company

Working with contracts is an integral part of commercial activity in any field. The efficiency and reputation of the enterprise largely depends on the quality of the preparation, execution of documents and the organization of workflow. A well-drafted contract guarantees the protection of the rights of its parties and prevents disputes and litigation. The well-established process of the movement of contracts saves time on their approval and guarantees non-disclosure of confidential information.

Specialists of the LAW&BUSINESS law firm know how to optimize contractual work in the company and are ready to offer individual solutions for building an effective contract management system in accordance with the tasks and goals of the business.

Why you need to optimize contract work

The main problem of modern businesses is the use of model contracts that do not specify all the necessary conditions, do not take into account the peculiarities of the legal relations of the parties, and do not comply with the law. The result may be:

  • losses associated with unfair behavior of counterparties;
  • litigation and the inability to prove one's case;
  • sanctions from regulatory authorities.

A frequent disadvantage is the lack of a clear system for the movement of contracts, as well as employees responsible for each stage (approval, signing, registration, etc.), which leads to a decrease in the productivity of the company. Effective optimization of contractual work will help to avoid negative consequences, simplify the work with documents, and make business processes predictable and controllable.

What does contract optimization include?

The services of the law firm LAW&BUSINESS include:

  • legal examination of existing contracts, identification of errors and making adjustments taking into account the business processes that are carried out in the company, as well as changes in legislation;
  • analysis of contractual work and contractual policy of the company;
  • development of the necessary set of local documents (internal regulations, orders, commercial contracts, etc.);
  • clarification of the algorithm for the movement of contractual documents, development of regulations for the approval and signing of contracts;
  • development of the documentation approval structure with the identification of responsible employees;
  • organization of accounting of contractual documents and control over their execution;
  • providing recommendations on storing contracts in a single system in compliance with the commercial secret regime and restricting access.

We provide services in individual areas or in a complex, one-time and on a regular basis. The cost of work is discussed individually.

If you have questions regarding the organization of contractual work in your company, you need the help of a specialist, please contact us by phone, which is listed on the site, or leave a request for a call back.

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